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Technical sheet


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Colour : Black


N. cooking areas : 4
Number Induction zones : 4
Control type : Touch-control


Plate On/Off Indicator 


H (cm) : 5.1
W (cm) : 59
D (cm) : 52
Weight (Kg) : 12.5
Height package (cm) : 9
Width package (cm) : 68
Depth package (cm) : 58


Practical advice on using the appliance ! Use cookware made from materials which are compatible with the induction principle (ferromagnetic material). We especially recommend pans made from: cast iron, coated steel or special stainless steel adapted for induction. Use a magnet to test the compatibility of the cookware. * SUITABLE UNSUITABLE Cast iron Enamelled steel Special stainless steel  Copper,  Aluminium, Glass, Earthenware,  Ceramic, non magnetic Stainless steel In addition, to obtain the best results from your hob: • Use pans with a thick, flat base in order to fully utilise the cooking zone. • Always use pans with a diameter which is large enough to cover the hotplate fully, in order to use all the available heat. • Make sure that the base of the cookware is always clean and dry, in order to fully utilise and extend the life of both the cooking zones and the cookware. • Avoid using the same cookware which has been used on gas burners: the heat concentration on gas burners may distort the base of the pan, causing it not to adhere correctly. Safety devices Pan sensor Each cooking zone is equipped with a pan sensor device. The hotplate only emits heat when a pan with suitable measurements for the cooking zone is placed on it. If the indicator light is flashing, it may indicate: • An incompatible pan • A pan whose diameter is too small • The pan has been removed from the hotplate.

Condition New


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